the day i became a pretentious teenager (photo post)

Joana's photography project in which we were asked to dress "funky enough," then she did our make up. Funny story actually, when Joana did my eyeliner she kept having to make it thicker because of how natural it looked on me. Is that a good thing? Anyway,  it was real fun walking around the mall and eating in McDonald's like dat. I'm kinda hoping we get to do it more often just because ;-)

Would you believe me if I told you that this was a McDonald's parking lot?

We were actually kicked out for taking this, hahaha.
Thea. She should really copyright that lip biting thing.

Literally the only modeling pose I know.
This is Joana. She's one of the raddest people I know.
And here's the lookbook video she created. Seriously, this girl's got serious serious serious talent.