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I heavily did """graphic design"""" or whatever that meant about four-five years ago. It was one of those hobbies that I learned in a super rad internet forum like Red Carpet and Rebellion. I even tried to co-command and command one myself but god knows that boat sank fast. Anywho, feast your eyes on my amateur infant graphics from light years back.

DISCLAIMER: I was religiously into Paramore.

I bet if I haven't neglected Photoshop and graphic design forums entirely I would have achieved beyond my dreams of basic photo manipulation by now, but alas, my skills are entirely first grade. I really should get back into it though, I mean clearly I have a ton of lessons to learn, but it was something I had a passion about. I'm actually pretty eager about it, despite the patience it takes. I mean seriously, a decent enough graphic would take about what--an hour or two minimum. Graphic design takes some crazy dedication out of you. But graphic design is not just a matter of time. It's a matter of composing something that ultimately conveys your purpose AND catches the eye of most. I guess what's interesting is the psychology behind it too. What will captivate your audience? What is your message? I don't know. I'm getting to ASA-Free Your Mind technical on this. I didn't even consider any of that when I made any of these, mainly because it was just fun and learning. Whatever, I'm rambling.

Peace out.