hello boys, i'm back!

I tell ya, being separated from my laptop, due to a hard drive crash, was tough. But it made me really think about things. Like, my life things. My dependence on this thing man, just wow. I wasn't like crying it a fetal position on the ground because it was gone, more like quietly suffering inside because the convenience isn't the same. I feel like I didn't make the experience without it as worth while though. But boy, I find it tough to make every moment worth while. It's just, the thought of finishing this essay or that scholarship on my to do list, it's just always there. The senior to do list of boring things never goes away and it's hard not to think about it or else it catches up and then next thing you know, well, you know. Anyway, in conclusion, it's been tough trying to find my balance. Oh so tough.

ANYWAY, here I am now, about to catch you up in bullet points (of course these are all based on what my new handy dandy iphone 4 documented).

  • Adieu, trusty blackberry torch. 
  • Why are senior portraits so awkward. Ugh. Now it doesn't go with my quote. The aesthetic balance I was hoping for--goooooone.
  • Chipotle.
  • Matt's kickback night// the kickback was quite interesting (it's really funny to see your friends in that kind of light)

  • YAY FALL (clothes)
  • Hwang Hae Doe kbbq <3 (what is furusato?)
  • My little sister isn't so little anymore :(
  • AIDS walk 2012 with key club beastie bunniezzzzzz .

  • Look, he fell asleep on my on the ride home from AIDS walk and it's cute because it's usually me but this time it was him hahahaha <3
  • Clearly my immune system is pretty shitty during the fall (and even shittier during the winter), so he got me a hot chai tea latte after college class one day :')
  • And of course, fall is never really fall in SoCal so I got to wear my flowy skirt on one 90 degree day. FINALLY. It's been sitting in my closet for half the year now...
  • Successful Senior Council fundraiser at Cold Stone, and Marisol made my cup! 

  • My guy looks qt in a cardigan (❤‿❤)
  • My dad made me go to his Zumba program. I shuddered at moms performing Gangnam Style. 
  • The inside of Dean, Daniel, and Mary's brains in AP Psych (it's funnier once you realize that we were coincidentally learning neuroscience and behavior...)

  • More Chipotle.
  • Ran into Sherilyn, who by the way made sophomore year P.E. bearable for me, while I was helping out my grandma sell her bling during an even at Carson Mall. 
  • Worked 9 excruciating production hours with Trailblazer editors. NEVER AGAIN.
  • Despite the 9 hours, the color and 16 page paper turned out AWESOME.

  • HALLOWEEN! Annual trio photo with Halloween babes Thea and Samm. Perhaps you'll understand after seeing this photo, which we took Halloween of last year.
  • ... ... ... ... (Translated: I am a mime)
  • Josh and I went trick or treating and I had such a lovely time! (it was a full moon too!)
  • <3
And that pretty much wraps it up, folks.