star spangled shalala

So I am pretty upset right now, mostly because I really want Photoshop on my laptop but cannot find a working download link (or have $600 to spend for that matter) :( I mean, I had it before my laptop crashed, but now that my data has been restored and stuff, it won't even open. I was really looking forward to geeking out to fonts and colors and textures and things too. Ah :'(

But enough about that--which really wasn't even relevant to this post--and on to my point in line.

It was supposed to rain today (spoiler alert: it didn't), so thought I'd whip up a warm and a not-just-your-typical-pants-and-anorak rainy day outfit, by making use of, well, whatever I'm wearing here:

1. red, white, and blue nautical sweater is from the Discount Center. 2. black striped white collar top is from a Salvation Army in Santa Cruz. 3. metallic navy blue skirt is from Forever 21. 4. opaque leggings are from K-Mart.

I should have figured that the ship's wheel on the center of my sweater wouldn't mean anything to people. But of course, I didn't. Clearly the red, white, and blue-ness was more of a theme for anything.

And I should have seen the sign when my brother called me late for composing such an outfit two days after Obama's victory. I should have known.

But of course, I didn't. During Journalism class, when I was posting up awesome newspapers like The Lancer on our Inspiration Wall, Samm walked in and slowly put her right hand over her heart and began to sang the freaking Star Spangled Banner. And Thea joined in. And they sang till about the fourth line, when they didn't know the rest of the words.


My sister had another set of Minnie ears that lit up purple and it was blinking and I was in a trance for a while.

And I don't know how to end posts like this so okay bye! =)