what's up, buttercup?


It's 2013 and I chose not to promise resolutions to myself. Frankly, I'm not too discontent with where I am in my life enough to dream up glorious changes (granted, I whine and complain, but I get through). Anywho, I think I'll take on the year day by day. I mean duh--I literally have no choice--but I mean with how I face my problems and stuff. I don't know, I suppose I haven't given it that much thought. I'll leave it up to 2013 to surprise me I guess...

Besides that I've been pretty busy. It's been a struggle to find time it self, it's always demanded by adult like things, like filling out those college apps, scholarships, and other school commitments. I don't regret anything. It's what I want. I just get lazy and am easily won over by doing nothing, especially when I feel like I'm doing everything.

Anyway, I had a simple winter break. I loved it, because I had the chance to enjoy and live in the little things of the moment. No grand dinners for Christmas or New Year's either, just simple time spent with my family sharing simple gifts and food from the heart. I surprisingly didn't get to spend that much adventure time with Josh--mostly due to applications--but the times I got to see him were the best, even if we were just waiting to be seated at kbbq for dinner. I didn't get to hang out with my friends very much, just probably at a Christmas party and then after the new year when we were prepping performances for a debut and an actual debut. The last four days of break were really a blast.

It started off with Josh and I taking a day at Disneyland and California Adventures on Friday and we rode many rides but I swear it was the funniest when I finally drove him around at Autopia. Actually another contender would be when we were at Soarin' Over California and we had to laugh every time the screen made a blunt transition to a difference scene. My favorite was being at the Wilderness Explorer's Camp site because I don't know it was just SO FUN. Oh and he finally saw World of Color too :')

The next day, I woke up early for homework and got ready around 2 because Joi said to be at her house by 3:45 to be on our way to Thea's Debut, which was all the way in North Hollywood. Too many things happened like it started REALLY late and I won the bet that Joi was gonna make Thea cry with her speech and I saw Menard talk to North (English teachers collide) and I performed a The Way You Look Tonight/Kiss the Girl medley with Emmanuel and watched babies dance and I danced on the dancefloor. It was SO SO fun but oh lawdy it didn't stop there.

~After party~ Denied that prophecy.

On Sunday the cold woke me up at 8 am and I talked about the night with Justin, Andrei, & Aileen cause we were all awake and everyone else was in a warm room sleeping. I hitched a ride home with Andrei, ran home in the rain, and then took a shower, ate a little, immersed in AP Lit scavenger hunt homework, and then went to church with my family. I actually didn't know it but I ate spoiled pasta that day before leaving for church. It didn't mess with me, but it's not fun to know especially after the ~after party~ night. The rest of the night was so nice though because my mom decided to take the family to Shakey's for a final day of break dinner and it was lovely.

Haha, I didn't realize I was summarizing. Oh well, fun fun.

Now I'm back to school. Powering through my last semester of high school!