Not much has been happening lately, besides me finally taking a breath after college/scholarship application season & my usual period-related insecurities. I reckon posting about those things are redundant and useless ( and I hate hate reading back on them), so I decided to compose this semi-awesome post of the things that inhabit my right wrist every day. Screw "semi," they're straight up awesome.

dirty mustard marble bracelet - REJ merchandising (a.k.a. my grandma's boutique)
"josh" / "11.5.11" leather bands - disneyland
yin yang bracelet - claire's
navy green elastic band - cotton on
run-of-the-mill hair tie that i lose ever so often - target

I've got a seasonal and conditional relationship with accessories, mostly because my I'm too lazy to ever put them on/take them off. I have this golden band/choker type of thing that might just make me feel like an Egyptian goddess to wear it but I hate putting it on--acually I have two because one has royal blue accents on it--so I only really save those babies for extravaganzas and galas and stuff. Anywho, detail?

I'm not used to paying $7 for a bracelet, but I mean come on it's wicked and everything and reminds me of ASA and ATLA and balance and allllllllllla dat. 

I actually got the "Josh" one  last March on a trip with my family. As for the "11.5.11" one, Josh got me on a recent trip together. True story: my Josh bracelet looks rather exhausted because at some point we had such an intense fight that on my walk home that I liberally scratched the bracelet against my cinder block walls outside :T 

byeeee ☮