The world is most definitely not a wish-granting factory, Mr. Green.

I tell ya, it's been a pretty rough couple of weeks, and since I am officially graduating in say, twelve weeks, I feel as if I have officially stepped onto the threshold between high school and well, whatever the life after high school is called. And don't tell me it's called "reality" because we both as hell know very well that high school life has the capacity to be some real shit.

Anyway, a lot has actually happened--some of which I am not at liberty to say because of reasons--and I actually don't feel like manifesting them in a blog post because it is just too much for words. However, I had such a reality check upon receiving an email from the Gates Millennium Scholarship Committee saying they "regretfully" could not select me as a 2013 scholar and that their decision should not undermine and diminish my "many personal and academic achievements." Their selective decisions and applicant pool aside, I still get a right to be upset.

So as the thought of graduation gradually stuns me I will just keep in mind that hey, Wendy Darling ended up alright.

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