a night to remember: le moulin rouge & girl probz

In all aspects, it was indeed a night to remember.

Prom is that night. The night that girls spend four years looking forward to. The night that girls spend a fortune on. The night that I, along with the rest of the council officers, spent two years perfecting.

The night was indeed glamorous and grand. Our venue was beautiful, our theme, Le Moulin Rouge, was perfect, our activities were abundant, our food was delicious, and our music was had the ideal balance (themed French love songs in the dining room while our dance floor was """ratchet""" at best). It was a dream and I loved it, I really did, but now I just can't help but reflect on my highs and lows of the night.

1: My dress. I realize now that I should have tried it on for longer than the 30 seconds I did in the dressing room just admiring it. I mean, it was dazzling. I loved everything about it--regardless of it not fitting the standard length of prom gowns. What I gravely regret is allowing the Asian saleswomen talk me into getting an ill-fitting extra-small when I had a comfortable medium in my hands. After six hours of my dress barely enabling my upper body to eat let alone breathe--LESSON LEARNED.

2: My shoes. I should have broken it in. I just should have. And I should have NOT left my flats in the car (because it was an entrance-only type of venue meaning I couldn't go back out to get it).

3: Cramps & PMS. Mother nature along with an imbalance in my body's hormonal chemistry crashed my mood for a little bit. I should have taken that Midol Complete before heading to prom. I just should have.

I like to call it a night of when I decided on style over comfort and I like to call it as a night of multiple lessons learned and the optimist in me likes to label and admire it as a night painfully celebrating my youth (because when I'm older I wouldn't be physically able to put myself through it all, I know, self-serving bias at it's best).

But I mean, besides my fashion 101 and girl probz lessons, everything was amazing. I had an phenomenal time with my boyfriend (who was quite lovely despite my instances of misery), I rode into prom in a nice Lexus, I got to see everyone all spiffied-up, I got to dance and get crazy, I got a temporary luna and stella tattoo, I got to do a flip book, and yadda yadda yadda. It was a lot of laughs and positive vibes. It was a night to remember and I'm glad I got to live it out.

I know, I know, le picturez:

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