we could be a story in the morning, but we'll be a legend tonight

So the impossible just happened.

I caught All Time Low AND Pierce the Veil in one show and it was the best night of my life thus far. It was all the way in San Diego though--I know, w o w--but Josh surprised me with tickets for the both of us a couple of months back.
2 hour drive there + 2 hour drive back. Josh is seriously amazing for even considering the drive.

I will never be able to fathom just how glorious it felt to be there--to have the live music course through my body, the loud-as-fuck bass tingle my nerves. To witness the chemistry between bands and band members, between band and crowd, between the music played and the hearts that found home in the melodies. I did lose myself. I reveled in each moment, and I don't regret it all, because my reveling has led me to the rediscovery of a part of myself that I somehow lost along the way. The part that felt alive. I don't know, it just felt awakening in a way. Like for the past two years or something I was under mindless control. I don't know, this is me suffering through """post-concert depression""" and rambling on about how I felt about everything because tbh ATL and PTV (okay, also Mayday Parade, You Me At Six not so much) are two bands that I constantly go back and listen to due to fucking beautiful lyrics that have saved my life. K. I'm pretty sure there is more to that but golly gee you can ask me to write an essay analyzing a poem on ponies and human contact but not the impact of their music to my life because that is just. too. much.

All Time Low

I just like that I took this shot, during PTV's set


line line waiting in line

OH YEAH when the line was moving slowly Rian Dawson literally got in his car to get something. His car was in front of me YES IT WAS A BIG DEAL. Also saw Vic from afar, having bbq and drinks with other cool people I think haha

Oh yeah I hate being short but I fell inlove with PTV's set

ATL, hilarious set <3 :') luved everything. Wish I was closer </3

MAYDAY PARADE haha I wish they had a more relevant set list BUT I did lose it when Vic appeared for their cover of Somebody That I Used to Know

Inside SOMA San Diego

Can I just wear this everyday

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