ode to brendon urie, or something like that

The Panic! At the Disco fangirl in me has been resurrected. She is fully alive and I swear I can hear her squealing over the mounds of playlists of new music that I have discovered in the past five years. Oops.

It all started with an acoustic set. I swear, clicking on that YouTube video was a trap. The video is pretty old, but when I saw this again over the summer, it was like wildfire. 

I must admit, I remember when all I squealed about was his voice and his cute face, ya silly prepubescent girl. But my oh my, have the times changed. Is it just me or has his voice embodied sexy to the ∞ level? I mean, I was pretty chill and leveled for most of his evolution (refer to photos 1-17). But then on one day when all the stars and planets seemed to have aligned, he decides to whip out this spiffed out look along with his new album (boom, photos 18-23).

OH WAIT. Let's not forget this.

And his vines don't help the cause either.

Oh Brendon, you are seriously a master. And while majority of this post appreciates your inevitable sex appeal, just know that the rekindled fangirl in me also greatly appreciates your existence, your music, and everything in between. Can't wait to see ya on the day after Valentine's Day, it's gonna be fucking radical.

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