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Since Ryan was rad enough to take a drive down here from the Bay for the week to go on dates and stuff, we weren't in the business of wasting any adventure time. Monday night was full of eye- cringing macabre, brightly-lit street lamps, and galactic views over LA. In other words, Museum of Death, Urban Lights @ LACMA, and Griffith Observatory.

While we both like taking and editing pictures, we--ironically enough--actually suck at documenting the moments as they are happening. Like, we have to actively remind ourselves that we need to be chronicling more of what we're experiencing. I just find it unnatural sometimes, because I'm literally so caught up with absorbing what's in front of me. But for the sake of tangible memoirs, I will try gosh darn it. But for now, we weren't allowed to take photos at the Museum of Death anyway. So here are #ootds of somesort, taken right outside the establishment.

The museum was nothing like a Horror Nights Maze--okay I don't know why I had lowkey expectations of that sort--but it was still really disturbing somehow. It was a VERY informative and ghastly labyrinth curating a whole variety of serial killers, funeral autopsies, bizarre suicides, conspiracy deaths, and even taxidermy animal corpses. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, but reading everything (with graphic pictures included) literally made my eyes water. Definitely also an experience.

Up next: Urban Lights @ LACMA because why not. After pictures, we were kind of just people watching. Lulz so many vloggers! Which essentially just sparked the lookbook/vlog conversation that Ryan and I have been having more frequently, because we might start up a project soon (details tba, heh).

And to end the night? A quick drive up to the Griffith Observatory to fathom the stars and the LA lights in all their glory. 

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