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Currently listening bc Thea was raving about it:

Thea finally gave me the time of day from her tightly packed (and ultra short) Winter Break :') It was in all honesty a spontaneous date, so we weren't able to bust out any downtown shenanigans, but I'm honestly not one to complain because it's been a good summer and semester since I've seen this girl, so coffee and a stroll around the mall--with a shit ton to catch up on--was all lovely and dandy. Besides, since Del Amo is going through a complete (classy af) renovation, it was giving both of us fond, nostalgic vibes of when we used to hangout in the mall years back (middle school and the first two years of high school for the most part). Maybe not so fond....AMC theaters was the shit but man did we spend our money on really shitty movies and even shittier horror movies. Also, remember when Build-a-Bear was the shit and everyone brought their overpriced plush animals to school? HAH.

Anyway, the weather has been warming up to SoCal vibes little by little, so I was finally able to wear something other than pants and leggings--which I actually missed more than I thought I would. I'm wearing shades of black and grey with a pop of red--and of course green, cause my hair. 

Thea and I spent a good two hours just catching up over coffee, an hour visiting stores we used to spend our time in for retrospective reflections, and fries and milkshakes for dinner at Stacked. Which was followed by a chill movie night and hookah vibes at her place with the guys. 

Because some things never change, and Thea is still a lover of elephants and sweet potato fries, queen of vanilla bean frapps, and only she would complain why a five-panel hat's brim is not curved. 

It just had big eyes. And that's not a hat by the way.

But then again she did switch to Android team. That...that changed. 

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