sweet tea

This was really nice. My family doesn't usually do lunches out, so this was kind of out of the ordinary and lovely. I've only been to Lucille's with friends, so it was a different experience with family. We had a whole corner booth to ourselves and ordered up ribs on ribs on southern fried chicken--with a side of sweet tea. It was glorious. I love Lucille's--actually tbh their sweet biscuits and apple butter alone are enough to make me a happy girl. 

I'm wearing something simple today! Kinda going for that effortless look? Whatever that even means, haha. Just my soft and loose white tee from Urban Outfitters, high-waisted denim leggings from Forever 21, and boat shoes from Old Navy. To keep warm in this actually chilly SoCal winter, I threw on an old thrifted piece--it's a cardigan with a Burberry-like pattern in the front two panels (it was like, $2, yo. Can't forget a momentous cop like that). I found it a couple days ago with all my thrifted clothes, and it kind of made me miss my thrifting days. I mean I still thrift every now and then, but I shit you not when I say I used to actively abstain from shopping in a mall just because I was just that dedicated to thrift. I think the materialistic piece of shit in me got swooned by the feel of new clothes, haha. Okay, #newyearkindanewme, gonna try to get back into thrifting. 

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