As the ace procrastinator that I am, I managed to productively waste the only week allotted for catching up and studying half a semester's worth of coursework material. Am I screwed? Maybe, but my first final really isn't until Wednesday, and guess who actually started studying today? That's right, yes ladies and gents, me. But for some irrelevant reason, Starbucks decided to close up shop at 7pm (ikr, the agony), so I instead was able to sit myself down at Student Learning Center for a good five hours and managed to clear half of my study guide. WOO. 

And of course, what's studying without a comfy outfit? Due to post-storm weather, I cozied up in a plain brown tee and layered on a denim jacket over a cropped lightweight hoodie. I'm also pretty sure I'm wearing activewear leggings of some sort, idk, I got them at Target over Black Friday and they're splendid to wear a n y d a y and everyday. And for shoes? Well I've been wearing the hell out of my new black booties. 

Also, what's studying without a playlist:

 photo credit: Ryan Barroga
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