outfit of the day: sbux on thanksgiving

Well wouldya look at that, I finally got around to posting a fall outfit.

Don't think this one's too shabby either--I've always wanted to play with wide-brimmed hats since last year, and I finally got my hands on this baby. It's classic and the two-tone color block really gives off a classy but casual feel--I just really like it okay. I was initially gonna opt for an all black one, but I thought of my wardrobe's full reliance on black, and I know tan isn't much of a ~colorful~ step up, but yes, I decided on the two-toned hat because I thought I needed more color. YES, that was my thought process. And also the glasses are not prescription. Somedays, I just like the way fake glasses can frame my face. Funsies. 

If you were wondering about my Thanksgiving holiday, it went along very splendidly. Despite not being able to travel back home and spend a quick weekend with my family, I was able to have a pretty rad one up here, and I owe it all to a great set of friends and a great boyfriend. There was a lot of food and very little sleep thanks to our consumerist desires to shop on black Friday. Regardless, tons of memories were made and even more laughs were shared. Definitely a #friendsgiving to remember. ^_^

There was also a cliffside/seashore photoshoot during the sunset.

Of course I was in love with the sunset sky's gradients.

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