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Ah yes, winter freaking break is finally freaking here. As much as I love Berkz, I am so glad to be out and to be home, reunited with family and friends and well, them SoCal foodie locations ^.^

Of course what's winter break without the annual Christmas Party with the ASA fam?! It was all good and merry vibes reuniting and seeing everyone again after an entire semester, and to just hear what everyone's pretty much been up to--whether it be their Greek life experiences, any switch in majors, or anything really that our second year has thrown at us so far. A couple hours definitely isn't enough to catch up with everyone, but that's what kbbq lunch dates are for right?! Right. 

As for my outtfit, there was a Winter Wonderland theme........that of course not everyone adhered to butijustdidbecauseiliketodressupanywayokay. And I wore a white deep v-cut crop with high-waisted navy blue trousers that cuff at the ankles, andddddd my black booties (yeah they're def my default shoes for the season tbh). Thea also said that my headwrap made me look like a gypsy (which I'll take, hehe).

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