just my type: a lyric set

Pop Thieves - Childish Gambino

Apparently - J. Cole

Jealous - Nick Jonas

Since a key to creativity is to keep creating, I whipped up a simple type set a couple nights back. It's just a lyric set observing minimalist rules-- two typefaces and three colors, but I think I actually like it enough to post about it.

Recently, designing anything seems to put me at this weird state of reflection that kind of just gnaws at my design/creative/passionate innards. That's kind of strange to say--probably even stranger to read--but I'm constantly bothered by the need to focus on a type of design. Like I can't just be all over the place, you know? Can't just spread my passion out too thin and not really immerse and develop on a certain skill or something. I don't know. I'm only 20. I'll figure it out. 
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