20th birthday!!!

No more "I want to stay in Neverland" rants because you know what, my 20th birthday just became real and I'm going to face the music that life is going to keep moving on and my youth will continue to slip away, so I'm not even going to worry about it any more and legitimately just live in the f*cking moment and carpe that fucking omnia. All right. Here we go. TWENTY.

I almost bawled my eyes out when my friends surprised me with a midnight greeting, with an entire tiramisu cake and their company. I've never experienced anything like it and even though they told me that it was a very last minute thing, I'm honestly the happiest knowing that I've been blessed with such amazing people in my life.

But wait, there's more.

THEY TOOK ME TO FENTON'S CREAMERY AT THE END OF THE DAY. *insert crying gif of me here*

After a meeting, Nikki said we had to study in the PASS Space so I adhered (because we had a quiz in the morning and I had a paper due). Twenty minutes pass by, and apparently it was time to go study back at our apartment, but guess who conveniently had their car on campus and was going to give us a ride--Ryan!!! Okay yeah, and I still didn't do the math when we passed by our street completely either. It was only a block away from Fenton's when I finally asked Marinella where we were going, to which she awkwardly uttered "Safeway." HAHA. AHHHHH but yeah, again with the almost waterworks when we pulled up at the parking lot.

I'm still bursting inside from all of this. AHHH. 

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