june favorites ii

1. 8tracks Playlist - do you like jazzhop?

I have not been able to stop listening to this wonderfully crafted playlist that I stumbled upon on 8tracks. It's just so calming and chill, but not to a point where it completely lulls me to sleep--although I'm not saying that it can't. It's just perfect for those coffee shop days or for those late homework nights, or just for any reading or cooking or cleaning to be done. I don't think I've mentioned this on my blog yet, but I recently took a break from Spotify, Pandora, & iTunes radios ever since I discovered 8tracks, just because it felt more genuinely curated to me, and because literally there is a playlist for virtually anything. Not to say I've completely neglected those radios though!

2. Flipboard App
This app is a staple to my homescreen set of apps. I love love love having this virtual magazine to read because it essentially compiles a collection of articles, photosets, reviews, and everything in between from all around the internet and sorts them into several categories that I can have on my Flipboard dashboard. These categories can go from Flipboard picks to News to Design, to Science, and so much more. I really enjoy reading--or should I say flipping--through the Flipboard picks because it displays a lot of variety on news and current events, and if I feel like going more in depth with any subject I could just go back to my dashboard and touch the category I'm feeling like reading. If you're like me and absolutely are fond of just discovering things here and there, I highly recommend this app!

3. Stuck In Love
This film easily made it to my top list right after I saw it, and I am eternally grateful to Joana for recommending it to me. It's pretty much a very well-written story about a family of writers and their individual quests for love and how life has the very real tendency to throw curveballs in a world of hopeless romantics and realists and I'm just going to stop now because guess what it's on Netflix and I really recommend that you see it (</endrunon>).

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