how i style: sk8er (skirt) gal

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling SKATER SKIRTS lately. I've got the skater-skirt-bug. No kidding. It's just been my go-to since my yin-yang leggings--which by the way, I only had one pair of (mind you I have about five skater skirts to rotate to, yippie ka yay). Whoa...what if I had a yin-yang print skater skirt (I'm honestly surprised that UNIF doesn't have it). Just whoa.

To me, skater skirts are just an extremely versatile piece. They go with the plainest of colors to the raddest of prints, and they're quite adaptable to every season--at least in California--which makes me drool over them. So I made a video about it, since it's summer and I still have time to, which by the way made me realize ultimately what fashion vloggers have to go through every time they whip their videos out. I mean, it's fun--the dream for a girl who used to just play dress up with barbie dolls and time and effort consuming. Outfit changes are no joke, people! ...So I wonder how models on the runway manage to deal with it...hmm.

Anyway, with distracted musings aside, I present to you the product that is skater skirt styling.

Well, that's it folks! Thank you and come again!


  1. Brb ringing up a skater skirt :)

    Seriously, I'm now convinced to buy one, or two... or however many I can get my hands on with my F21 giftcards!

  2. loving that skirt a lot, you really suit it :D
    nice post

    Im going to subscribe via bloglovin , maybe you feel like returning the favor ^^