here i am: my dorm

a.k.a. our unwanted alter-identities because we definitely requested a name-tag change to our RA
(she prefers to be called by Nicki, and obviously I prefer Kate)

If you've frequented my blog (probably not) in the past couple of days, you'll know that I haven't posted in a while because yes, I just moved into college. It's been a whirl of confusion and transition for the most part, which is not even close to being calm because the first day of school is not until tomorrow. I actually toured the campus with my roomate, Nicki, and our second-year friend, Molly. She helped us navigate the buildings on where our classes were going to be, so I pretty much know where I'm headed tomorrow--although I am not, I repeat NOT, looking forward to a 9:30 am Intro to Stats class (ps: I. Hate. Math.). The campus is massive, and that's probably even an understatement. Just when you think you have it all pinned down, you really don't because you unexpectedly just discover a Narnia of some sort. I like it though, because it really emphasizes the reasons as to why I chose this school, and that is that there is never nothing to do. I am in love.

Good news though: despite being lost and needing to get this and that, my dorm is settled. It's nifty and is on the fourth floor and even if it doesn't have the cosmic view of the Bay Area just like the room across does, I love it. I guess having the view of the courtyard and rest of the buildings in this unit isn't so bad, at least it's not just a brick wall, right? Also, the window, which does open up, has no screen or it's kind of feels like I'm literally living on the edge every time I open it (#y0l0, just kidding I'm actually very cautious). Anyway, why am I babbling when I can just show you the pictures...

my wall is some unfinished business (then again, it always is)

I totally neglected to take a shot of my closet (I know, I'm a fool). But picture this: a two door closet that slides with my clothes in it. I'm honestly surprised I didn't fill it completely, since back home it would be packed, but I'm glad having all that space to breathe nonetheless.

Everything's been pretty great though! My room mate is about the cutest person ever (and if you follow me on my Instagram you probably heard her angelic voice already).

I'm going through some real-world-real-shit adjustment here, so forgive me if I ever neglect to post again (because I'm sure I will). I mean, it's not just a mental adjustment, but real physical, geographical, and environmental...not to forget social (eg:  by physical I mean, which I barely noticed was happening, my body's been under a ton of anxiety and stress from trying to adjust that it became a little hard for me to eat). It's tough, but I actually really love it all. I miss home--some physical aspects, such as the green walls of my bedroom, the McDonald's by my street, and my boyfriend's car, but mostly just the people who made me feel at home. But this is great. I'm slowly realizing what it's like to be on my own, and maybe that'll be another post later because this one is just getting way too long.

Thanks for stopping by, by the way :)

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