tag, i'm it: 10 random facts about me

Me being """randumb""" yeah, okay.

Listen up, folks. So Kriselle, over at Through the Eyes of a Cali Girl, tagged me for 10 random facts and I'm going with it.

  1. I am poetry-challenged. I can't seem to situate whatever literary skills I have on the spectrum of "reading too much into it" to "that's what it literally means." Although despite my inability, Curiosity by Alastair Reid is my favorite poem thus far. 
  2. I'm a proud owner of this reusable water bottle, except mine is in teal. The clear part actually screws off for easier cleaning/ice. It's pretty rad.
  3. My celeb crushes as of late are: Dean Winchester a.k.a Jensen Ackles, John Snow a.k.a. Kit Harrington, and Rob Stark a.k.a. Richard Madden.
  4. I geek out over the following TV shows/series: How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, Freaks and Geeks, Once Upon A Time, Criminal Minds, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and occasionally Parks & Recreation.
  5. My favorite Avenger is Iron Man.
  6. I suck at painting, let alone drawing, faces, so whenever I paint characters, they are more or less faceless (UNLESS their eyes are like Finn's or Jake's).
  7. For the past four-five years I've been able to keep yearly planners to keep my head up-to-date, but the thing is towards the end of the school year I tend to neglect writing on it. I really look forward to buying one every year though...
  8. I'm a sucker for puns.
    + What do you get when you mix alcohol and literature? Tequila Mocking Bird
    + How did the clam say goodbye? Chow-dear
    + The girl said she met me from a vegetarian club, but I've never met herbivore
    + The past, present, and future walk into a bar... It was tense
  9. My favorite pair of jeans + comfy graphic tee + cardigan + socks + sneakers/docs = my go-to casual outfit (also what I'm going to be wearing for the most of my first semester of college).
  10. I'm gonna be living it up at the Bay Area for college! I'm both very excited and anxious. 

#1 - Poem -Curiosity by Alastair Reid | Design by me
#6 - Faceless Paintings
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  1. o0o0 thanks for tagging me favoritee! haha

    I'm so debating whether or not I wanted to make this a vlog or a blog because I (low-key, now highly) stalked your youtube channel and you're inspiring me to start making videos! lol