it's complication, it's validation

It finally stopped pouring hard outside, and I don't think it's a coincidence at all that I got my new cut-out booties in the mail this morning. I've got a bit of breaking in to do, but I suppose I really don't mind because walking in these babies make me feel the kind of confidence you would find in between spunk and fierce. So #yasss. 

ALSO, Creative Team was summoned for an emergency meeting tonight--the subject of matter being the re-evaluation of this year's title. The producers felt that we as a collective were "settling" on a title, and I suppose they weren't wrong. The entire thought process--from the brainstorming to the deconstructing to the narrowing down--has been a lot of intense soul searching for everyone of us, and finding that one defining word--for all that is PCN 2014--was no picnic at all.
But I mean, the meeting wasn't at all dreadful--more the opposite to be honest. Everyone's dedication was something purely from the heart and it's hard to not get carried away with something like it. Here's to hoping we find that word come tomorrow's theme revelation.

also because--selfie game too strong when you're being forced to read copious amounts for history

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