outfit of the day: thursday gloom

It's been rain and 50 degree weather lately, and I think I like it. I think it's nice for the sky to be all gloom and doom and depressing--I mean, it can't be happy and sunny all the time right? Alright alright, maybe I'm speaking metaphorically here, haha. Anyways...Granted I don't have enough coats to fashionably last this weather for a week, but it's been quite fun experimenting with the art of layering coat on jacket on whatever else I'm wearing--with the side of a scarf. I've been wearing my Docs more often that not and since it's raining, the same thought of whether I should invest in a pair of rainboots is haunting me again. Eh, I probably won't unless the weather calls so desperately for it.

ps: thanks to my roommate Nicki for taking these pictures, haha <3

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