teen hearts beating

Yo. Panic! At The Disco knows how to put on a SHOW--like, I cannot fathom how out of this world e l e c t r i f y i n g their entire set was. From the lights to the music to the Brendon Urie--oh wat, wait yeah, Brendon fuckin Urie is fuckin amazing. His sexy gorgeous physical build and face aside, he hit glorious falsettos and s t a y e d there, like, yeah--ineffable. Their set went from Too Weird to Vices and Virtues to A Fever You Can't Sweat Out to Pretty. Odd. and even to New Perspective (from the Jennifer's Body soundtrack), and each melody each lyric each song was just on point. I'm honestly still suffering from an extreme sense of withdrawals--so much so that I might consider going to The Gospel Tour in SJ this summer...hm.

OH YEAH finally it was a pit type of show (hell yes) and we eventually made it to good views. I would have risked the first level pit but I mean, with my height and the amount of tall people that would have engulfed my view--you do the math. We got to the second level pit and we were by the edge, so I was a pretty happy girl.

this glorious shot was by my friend Molly -- honestly i'm so proud she had this :')

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