it's school night

So last night I found myself along with good friends in a lounge-club-esqe scene in downtown LA, because what's spring break with a good 'ol late night-hit-the-city adventure? It was all Joana's idea, and even though we've never been there before, nor had any idea who was playing, we still found ourselves a pretty good time. We arrived early enough to catch three more sets for the night, and the first one that we watched had a lead singer who looked so much like an old middle school friend--which threw me, Thea, Joana, Chris, and Jonathan way off. So much so that the fact that she lacked freckles seemed crucial. The other two sets were pretty chill, one had a guy with a New Zealand accent, the other one had two singers whose voices blended like heaven.

I mean it when I say it was a chill night. We kinda just went along with the music and the rest of the night. We laughed and talked, but it's not like we caught up in each other's lives? We kind of just enjoyed each other's company for what it was, and that was pretty awesome.

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