outfit of the day: ty mom for your fashion sense

I had a moment of silence this morning to reflect on the crimson vibrance of this blouse because it kind of just stared at me. I mean, it's pretty safe to say that lately, I've kept my outfits and ensembles nothing but monochromatic--with the occasional hint of well, other dark shades (har har). So when PCN Creative Team was instructed to wear red and be "business-fashionable"for our photo-shoot, I was instantly going to opt for a maroon-burgundy shade dress when I realized hold the front door, I actually have this babydoll in my closet. I think most of my more ""elegant"" pieces--aka non pentagram graphic tees--I actually got from my mom's closet awhile back, I know this lace-collared baby is! So mom, if you ever for some odd reason find this post amid your Facebook sessions, shout out to you 

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