outfit of the day: darling you'll be okay

At last, the mad whirlwind that is studying for my solitary History midterm is over. I swear, high school me would never have studied that ferociously--so much so that I'm pretty sure I heard the APUSH student in me wailing to retake the test that I so horribly failed(I hate testing tbh), hah. In other words--who knew I had it in me to absorb the chronology that makes up the Reconstruction Era to the New Deal Programs? Srsly, who knew. Crossed fingers the information doesn't evaporate or anything because I still have a final to look forward to...

IN OTHER NEWS, the top I'm wearing is actually the result of some minor retail therapy after an entire night of deconstructing half a semester's worth of lectures. I wore it because well, what better way to boost up the testing confidence I barely have, than with a rad as hell shirt am I right? Yes, haha. And after our exam, Nikki and I sought out Koja Kitchen for comfort and found ourselves within the serenity of Ishi Court--a place definitely not to be missed when in Berkeley. I'm sure I'll be finding myself there more often now that I finally know where it is.

Now back to my Sherlock marathon.

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