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I've been anything but a stranger to coffee shops lately. 

It's the last few days of summer school, or in other words, the make or break. And since there's no Dead Week to cushion any of the studying or panicking, I've been living with the inescapable suggestion that final's season is here and out to get me. So I've been looking for the silver lining in coffee shops and cafés.

I had this conversation today with Nikki, and she brought up this topic of sectors and types of people and students in UC Bezerkeley. We kinda saw it like this: the hella smart international students, the hella smart students who deserve to be here, the students who are just like ~how the fuck did i manage to get in here~, and there was I think two more categories, but I think you get the point. It was a playful conversation, which in a way, kinda symbolizes our daily mulls as to how we got in the world's number one public university in the first place. It's just really humbling, ya know? 

Anyway, I've been struggling with both of my classes and it's the last week. One class is math, so it's kind of just a given struggle. The other, my Com Lit class, is more like I'm a bit burnt out because of how intensive the writing assignments have been and I kind of exceeded the maximum capacity of all my all-nighters, cranking out paragraphs on paragraphs on paragraphs. But this is the last week, and it's been a buzzkill to have such a lack of motivation. Literally, just four more days. Four more days and I'll be on a plane back to sunny SoCal with no responsibilities* for a good ten days. Whyyyyyyyyyyy.

So yeah, coffee shops. They've been a haven. The atmosphere pushes me to work-- ya know, get's me in that "yesterday you said tomorrow" mantra. I'm alone for the most part, and I honestly prefer it. There's no pressure for me to socialize, because if I'm being completely honest with you, recently I've run out of energy for that, well for the most part. I don't know why. I mean, I'm more introvert than extrovert, and I always have been. So yeah, I really enjoy sitting here, buying coffee, and occasionally snacking on a brownie that looks like I downloaded it off of an episode of Cake Boss.

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