hello, august

It's the first of August and the first friday of August and even if I spent Thursday night caffeinated and miserable while studying for a quiz I eventually bombed the next morning (at 8am too if I might add), today was definitely one of the raddest days this summer has graced me with. 

Let's keep it short and sweet:
  • Brunch with Nikki, Marvs, Jackie, Dome, & Ryan
  • Whipped up chocolate chip pancakes from scratch for the first time...yeah work in progress
  • Berkeley Art Museum for an early evening tour with Ate Ranna
  • Explored the entire museum before they close it up for good (and move it downtown, can't wait to see how it ends up looking!)
  • Rode the bus down to College Avenue 
  • Fine dinin and fancy livin for my first time ever at La Med (ahhhh glorious)
  • A stroll down College only hurt my wallet...they have so many boutiques and dainty little stores
  • Discovered Casa de Chocolates and went for 3 mini bars #noragrets
  • I bought a sweet Earl Grey scented baby candle at Therapy #noragrets
  • Headed over to Ate Ranna's and watched PCN 2014 #feeeeeelz

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