fragments of a flight back home

It's 12:35 am and a warm 75 degrees, which really only means one thing: I'm back in SoCal! 

At least for the next ten days, haha. It was pretty gross to wake up in such a sweat this morning, but I guess the fact that cold showers exist and that I'm home makes up for it. And besides, I only get ten days with family and friends from home, so might as well not complain about these silly and trivial matters. But anyway, on my trip back home, I played with pictures and panoramics a bit--nothing special. They're merely fragments of a silent and ordinary trip back home.

I regretted wearing leggings the minute I landed in LAX. 

I got a full row to myself, aw yeah  ^_^
Getting a full row to myself reminded me of that one scene from Fight Club, when Tyler Durden says,
"Now, a question of etiquette - as I pass, do I give you the ass or the crotch?"
Needless to say, but I got to pee without being awkward about passing anyone, haha.

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