i belong in the pit

There is no better way to start of the week of death(and finals) than seeing The Neigbourhood, Bastille, Lorde, Alt-J, Phoenix, and Arcade Fire live.

Yep, that's right, this girl went to Not So Silent Night 2013.

It's great that my friends and I got general seating tickets so that we don't have to go mega-early and worry about drowning in a swarm of sweaty bodies and heat--but at the same time, I really actually wish we were in the pit, because honestly there's not experience like it. To feel the same dance-y and sing-y vibes with waves and waves of people, to hear the music so loud and so live that the ground is seismic, and to be so close to the magic of the set alone is just remarkable--and that's putting it mildly.

I've come to the realization that right now, whether I'm approaching or already at the peak of my youth, the best way to enjoy a show is to be at the pit, because that's where the entire experience for me lives. That's where it becomes real and alive and where it comes full-circle. It's also the reason why I get such strong withdrawals the next day that it's almost depressing. I mean yeah, I still have those mild withdrawals to hear Phoenix live(because they were a fuckin' SHOW--I kid you not), but it's not the same set of withdrawals that I acquired after being in the pit for The Spring Fever Tour or Warped or any other show. It's just entirely different for me and I solemnly swear that while I am still in the bracket of pit-approved age, I will spend every show I can in the pit.

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