uhm, WOAHH

And with the last set of words scribbled down to wrap up the extra-credit marks for my Sociology final, it is sufficient to say that my first college semester has been conquered!

Finals in a nutshell:

  • Kicked my 8-page anthro paper in the ass
  • Had my ass handed back to me by my Statistics final
  • I would like to say that I owned that Sociology final
Semester in a nutshell:
  • Hell yeah no curfew
  • #hella
  • Sick 24/7
  • Multiple existential crises 
  • Cultivated deep friendships
  • Cried multiple times because I can't math...most importantly I can't statistics
  • Katestigator deemed as my """drunk""" name
  • Homesickness and loss of appetite 
  • Realized what real studying is
  • Walking and walking and Berkeley time is a godsend
  • LDR is not easy...but ye know it's worth it #cheese
Despite it dawning on me that I have failed a class for the first time ever--yep, you guessed it, stats--it's been a pretty fuckin' magnificent learning experience. I've been challenged on essentially every level--from academics to distance to friendships to relationships to just knowing what it actually takes to be me. It's been amazing and I know I still have quite a long way to go but man, I hope college takes its sweet time. I really do.

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