outfit of the day: 85 degree Christmas

Summer weather in Christmas? I guess nope, winter is not coming. Despite the chilly 50 degree nights, the days have been pretty much blessed with the sun--which has been nothing but great. Honestly, nothing beats waking up to the warmth of the SoCal sun on Christmas day.

Today I decided to stray away from the reds and greens and just channeled the semblance of gold--it is a golden time after all, so hey, why not. And velvet has been represented pretty strongly in my wardrobe for the past year or two so I couldn't not wear it for such a special occasion (tbh if I could wear an article of velvet clothing everyday I probably would...). And as for why I chose to wear my Docs? Well, to be honest I wanted that sort of edge. I feel like I'm in a pretty transitional phase where my tastes in shoes are being slowly gravitated to bulky platform heels (ex: these babies). We'll see what the new year will ring in. Hmm...

Other than that, the holidays have been remarkably heart-warming. The company of my little brother and sister is still the same type of funny and annoying, the presence of my parental units are still the same type of welcoming, and the food has been pretty much fattening. My older sister and her family are actually here visiting and it's been more or less a riot just keeping up with the little rascals. It's been extremely fun and relaxing and sometimes dramatic--but hey, that's family for ya.

This is my little sister. Can you tell--by the way she dresses--that she's practically Ariana Grande's number one fan? I'm absolutely thrilled and confused by how much she's grown and matured, yet she still manages to be the cutest. Just wanted to show her off, I guess. Haha. Meanwhile my brother is...deep within the coven of what he likes to call his room, playing League(we lost him, boys *shakes head disappointingly*).

I hope your Holidays are treating you well!


  1. Lowkey squealed over the GoT reference - and you and your sister are adorable!

    1. I couldn't resist putting it there! And thanks!