outfit of the day: bows on my legs

I strayed away from the usual hues and textures of the color black for my get up today. It's a complete other-end-of-the-spectrum color palette and it felt nice and dainty, plus the pseudo bows on my legs were a conversation starter, haha. Isn't it funny how something as trivial as clothes and outfits can contribute to your mood for the day? Because I felt, in a way, lighter? More light-hearted? Despite how daunting Dead Week is, I suppose. I don't know man, is that just me?

I'm also pretty happy that I got to shoot this outfit in the "woodsier" side of campus. Literally, it never ceases to amaze me how the scenery of the campus can go from forest to building that looks like a lego block (ahem, Evans).

Also, I actually shot for a short film project with my friend Steven Piasecki, who is an aspiring director. He's a pretty rad guy who's company is just all fun and positive vibes, and I'm probably his number one fan, haha.

Our short project is called "Awake." It's written by yours truly and filmed and directed by Steven.

Hmm, I don't really know how I feel about sharing this but hey, why not?

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