photoshoot: literally fictional (...or not)

Thea, Samm, Joana, and me

So it all started with this: we wanted to hang out. 

And maybe this is what happens when a group of great friends (since middle school btdubs) want to get together...or maybe it's just our collective lack of shame and excess creativity. Either way, it's fun and wild, and plain out fuckin' awesome. Also in a way, we've kind of established having photoshoots as a traditional hang out thing (mystical beings and anti-valentines and pretentious teenagers) and it's an awfully fun excuse for both dressing up, making up, and having pretty rad adventures. This time around, we thought of being fictional characters--with the exception of one--from literature. And as a sort of cool twist we decided to shoot at Barnes and Noble.

You ready for this? Okay, go.

I landed on being the Evil Queen from Snow White because I mean...have you seen Once Upon A Time? Regina is a q u e e n and I've been so madly in love with her wicked wardrobe and vicious personality that I just had to. Also this photo is essentially raw but here is my make up done completely by Joana's magical awesomeness (I have bloody red eyebrows, hehe).

Joana as a charater from The Giver which I haven't read yet, but have heard great big things about. Her get up also reminded me of the film Pleasantville, which is a true favorite. Also, in the process of her becoming black and white, she introduced me to a world of make up I didn't even know existed--Ben Nye to be specific, which is theater make up.

Samm as Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby alongside some self-help books that probably would have helped Daisy, haha. Samm was initially going to channel the notorious Holden Caulfield, but then she stumbled upon that golden scarf and fur scarf thing and decided it was gonna be Daisy.

Ah, here Thea becomes the "or not" because no, Audrey Hepburn is not fictional. But she was really stumped in who she should dress up as--she literally went from a long haired Arya Stark to Katara to Alaska Young to a pirate and back and forth and back and forth--and saw that Joana had a book called How to be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life and fused Joana's wardrobe along with the idea so tah-dah, that's how that happened. Isn't she looking glamorous though?

For more pictures, head on over to my flickr.


  1. I miss you girls. Your photoshoots always look so much fun!

    1. We miss you too! So happy I get to read about your adventures in your blog :)

  2. ♥ Stayin shameless circa 94-95

    1. And the thing is, we wouldn't do it any other way :)