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A month back home did me real real great, but nothing is currently beating the feeling of being back in the Bay Area. I've been settling in my new apartment since I got back, and it feels pretty cozy to have my clothes and books and make up and wall all in place. I'm also currently in an experimental phase of living without a desk by my side and am alternatively using a three tier shelf in it's place to hold all my ting things, and I like it so far(that's probably bc I don't have any homework to do yet). Fret not though, I'm not stuck in a dorm anymore, so I think I'll gladly be able to do my work in the living room, haha.

I don't know how long my wall will stay, but I like it so far. Although I'm certain it'll change a couple of times in the year just because the things that are up are mostly from last year, and I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy a change of scenery soon. Besides, changing up my wall is kinda sorta therapeutic.

Nicki and I were actually supposed to go out tonight, but plans change and now we're spending it in. Which is totally favorable, considering that I'm juggling two shows right now: Orange is the New Black and New Girl. I wanted to watch OITNB because yes, I gave into the hype and was curious enough to see why said hype was being generated in the first place. All I could say is that it definitely lives up to it. I just finished the first season and before I go on and binge watch the next, I'd just like to say that my favorite characters have to be Taystee and Poussey because there is just something about their dynamic that just makes the show for me. As for New Girl, I initially needed something I could watch on Netflix on the living room TV without any mature content so I put it on and realized it was real entertaining and I just found myself enjoying every episode. And sorry not sorry but my fave has to be Schmidt because he's hilarious and actually pretty dimensional for a douchebag character, haha.

The apartment life has been pretty sweet so far. It's comes at a price that I definitely am going to need a summer job for, but it's definitely nice. I'm living with three other people, two who I've come to know as my Nicki/Nikki sandwich, and one I still have to get to know better. Her name is Marinella, and she's actually Nikki's best friend, so because of that association I'm actually pretty stoked to become closer, haha. Here's a polariod picture from our first night of being complete:

It's by our "welcome" sign which pretty much lives up to it's location because it literally welcomes you right when you open the door, haha. We still have a bit to get associated like bills and living room plans and stuff, but I'm pretty excited to be living with them!

It's nice to be back. I may not look forward to the string of 8AM math classes I have to go to every day for the next eight weeks, but at least I'm in a place that I love being in. Literally Berkz, you're one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

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