mermaid hair dream come true


I have finally realized number 20 on my 50 Things In A Bucket List, which is to achieve my blue mermaid hair dreams. Just a little background-- I've been itching to color my hair wildly ever since I was about 15, but my parents never really permitted it and as their loving child, I respectfully abided. But dearies, as I am inching on to the big 20th year of this lovely life of mine--which is in the less than a month now--I realized that if I respectfully abide longer it will hurt me till I am 80 not to make this happen. And besides, if I ever chose to enter a more professional career in the ever so daunting future, blue hair just doesn't float so swimmingly with that lifestyle. So oh yeah, I did it.

Not going to lie, it was kind of a splurge. A very worth it splurge though. I was initially going to have my friend Samm do it--we even had the supplies from Sally's and everything--but A) I just have too much hair, and B) I have dark hair that's pretty difficult to lift. So I had a sort of pre-bleaching session with Samm three days prior the actual day I had it done. And the lift only got this far:

Three days later I decided I have way too much hair to do this at home so I contacted a salon back home to get it done. I stayed really local and payed a four hour visit to Salon Image. 

candid shot is candid bc my little sister seemed to be amused of my blond hair ^-^
This is Diane, she pretty much poured all her energy into making my blue mermaid hair dreams happen was amazing and sweet. I swear she was genuinely smiling the entire time and even told me the sweetest stories about her daughter--that I apparently reminded her off, hehe. 

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