i almost went to disneyland

I'd like to call this one the "poor unfortunate soul" without a Disney Pass
....get it, cause they're Ursula themed ears, harhar
So I went on a little adventure today with Andrei, Ann, and Chrislyn and it's funny because it all started over Twitter last week when Ann tweeted that her and Chrislyn were going back and forth over who was driving and as usual, the little instigator in me played along and replied with a "tfti" and Andrei--who is more mischievous than I ever will be--chimed along. We didn't actually think anything would bloom out of our little tweets and we even messed around with "casually bumping into each other(aka Chrislyn and Ann together casually bumping into me and Andrei)," but hey, a week and a group message later, we actually managed to hang out, haha.

We found our way to Westminster--for reasons only Andrei could answer, HAHA--and were hungry hungry hippos so we tried out this tea station that Ann recommended: Tebo Tebo. It reminded me a lot of Cha2o's vibe, which is probably why I opted for a fruit filled slushie.

You seriously can never go wrong with honey dew and popcorn chicken, hehe

 After dinner and a failed attempt at the "no phone rule," we drove to Downtown Disney because only half of us had Disney passes. BUT fret not, I used my Tina-esque charm bomb to get Ann and myself in for free...for a dandy picture with the Mickey that seems to welcome everyone inside Disneyland.

HUGE shoutout to the lovely lady at the entrance who allowed us to do this, hehe
ALSO ALSO ALSO, ya girl made a quick vlog. Check it out:

Yay for friends and summer night adventures!
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