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I thought today was going to be a Friday spent indoors, but Thea got me out and about since she was home for the weekend from UCSB. We spent the afternoon at a cozy coffee shop called Coffee Cartel, which is nice and dainty and was a Redondo Beach gem she showed me a couple of years back. I hardly had any work to do except for some digital paperwork to sign and emails to read, but since Thea's spring quarter is still 2 weeks away from finals, she couldn't say the same and wrote her papers and read her readings away. I also caved into buying myself a cup of iced chai because well...chai, haha.

Did I mention I got a spiffy new journal from Typo recently? I still have journals to completely fill but honestly it was really hard walking into Typo after awhile and not getting anything, hehe. After coffee shop shenanigans, Thea and I agreed that we wanted to end the night with one thing and one thing only: kbbq. It's really the only dining experience I would wait 45 minutes for, just so I could stuff my face with all you can eat for 30 minutes...hehe.

Uhm, yesssss

I wanted to be a bit carefree with my outfit today, so I decided on wearing this breezy and gorgeous sunflower dress. I just love the double strap and sweetheart-v detail because it definitely ties together the dainty and summery simplicity of the dress. I paired it with my ankle boots just to give it a bit of edge, and my lovely fishtail braid is all thanks to my cute little sister.

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