sephora run: dare me by benefit & daisy by marc jacobs

I haven't exactly done a beauty post in a while, and since I recently made a quick run to Sephora for some goodies, might as well!

I'm kind of at that point in my life where I actually want a "fragrance," and not just from the lingering scent my VS Coconut Passion hand and body cream leaves off, haha. SO, I walked into the perfume aisles that spread across Sephora and continued to pursue my newfound quest for the fragrance I would soon call mine. Of course it took a lot of deliberating and spraying and sniffing--so much so that at some point I knew I had to stop because I swear, the scents were somehow warping into a god-awful whiff, haha. Fortunately by that point, I had an answer. I made the decision. I. just. knew. It was Daisy by Marc Jacobs all along. It's the perfect mix of playful and classy and it's not at all overwhelming, so what more, I ask you, what more could I ask for in a scent?

Okay, maybe I played up the "conquest" dramatics a little bit there. Maybe even a lot considering I only got the rollerball because I'm still testing it out. But it's looking good so far. Good enough for me to be a big girl and actually purchase the eau de toilette big girl bottle, hehe.

I've been quite an avid subscriber of Benefit ever since I first laid my eyes on their gorgeously retro packaging about a year ago, but never got around to actually getting my hands on anything until now. So yes, I'm a pretty happy camper who can't say I'm not proud of officially owning a tube of their Hydra-Smooth Lip Color in the gorgeously true-fuchsia shade that is Dare Me. I was utterly torn between Dare Me and Fling Thing--which is a deeper "berry"shade--but ultimately the battle of my confused heart was won by the classic pop of red that Dare Me had (not to say that I won't be back for Fling Thing though, harhar).

So it comes in this pillar-looking tube and I'd have to say that it really does live up to it's self-proclaimed "hydra-smooth" consistency because I kid you not, I honestly don't need to take lip balm precautions before I put this baby on. It's also lasts for quite a while--after a good chow down I'd still have a gorgeous tint on, but that probably has to do with the fact that this specific shade provides a medium full coverage. Overall, I'm really diggin' this line so far.

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