outfit of the day: cashmere cat and thursdaze

""sibs that wear docs together, stay together""
ps this is Sherwin, she's my infinity other half <3
24 APRIL 2014

There is absolutely no better way to deal with the stress of an 8-page hxstory paper--that I've got no clue about and is due 3 days later--than to bask in the glory of the blissful music that is Cashmere Cat (s/o to @ASUCSuperb). He played in Bezerkeley for f r e e and I found myself in rad company and it started to drizzle a bit but honestly that made everything utterly majestic. After a Jollibee food trip with Isabel, Nicki, and Dome we ended the night at a daze in the 202, otherwise known as the apartment that seems to have the greatest vibes and the greatest people.

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