april knocked me out


April was really one hell of a month that took me to all sorts of places and all sorts of things and only now am I really recovering from it all. Actually scratch that, I feel pretty burned out in some aspects (or really just school--yeah I'm so done with school right now), but with two weeks left of school, I'm sure I'll make it somehow. That also means that summer is right around the corner, which also means that I'm turning twenty in........practically tomorrow. Haha no, not really I guess but this would be the first birthday I'd spend away from home since I'll be living that summer school lyf (#gettingaheadlikeyeknow). 

Other than dealing with coordinating flights back home and driving permit expiration dates and moving out of dorms and apartment lease signing a.k.a. this irritating transition into adulthood, I could honestly say that I've been pretty happy recently. Maybe it's because I'm doing the #100HappyDays challenge, or maybe it's because I can really feel myself taking charge of my life little by little. I see the road ahead of me and I see big things to do and great things to see. That truly excites me, especially after realizing that I'm in fucking B e r k e l e y. There's been ups and downs--a lot of downs--but the universe has put me in an amazing place and surrounded me with amazing people. 

Needless to say I should be back on that blogging grind. 

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