outfit of the day: grande-esque

pc: Roxan Flores

4 MAY 2014

I bought these pieces in an attempt to stray away from the monochromatic vortex that is black outfits, but when I tried it on at home it dawned on me how inspired by Ariana Grande it is. There's just something about the floral and the ruffles that remind me of the sweetheart flair that AG exquisitely resonates not only through her style, but her music. I would like to dance in this outfit to this song pls:


I wore this outfit to a lovely lunch banquet for an organization I'm incredibly elated to be part of: Pilipino American Alliance. It was the 45th banquet and since ya girl is going to be part of the 46th Coordinating Committe as Co-Publicity Chair, I was inducted. I'm incredibly humbled to be part of such an amazing group of people who recognize the cultural, political, social, and academic relevance to the Pilipin@ identity and are passionate to continue working for the community. Here they are:

We had a min-photoshoot to celebrate, haha.
pc: Ryan Barroga

Meet my co, Ryan Barroga
or you know you may or may not know him by his rapper alias ryanxmartin
He's kinda sorta really cool in the way he does practically everything and is completely passionate about taking over the world one day
 (hehe if you're reading this co, I kid, I kid <3 )

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