outfit of the day: sunny sunnies


2 MAY 2014

The sun has been kind to both Berkeley and to my outfits. 

I live for the days that allow me to sport sunnies so I can feel like I'm hot shit and not cold diarrhea (kudos to you if you get the Welcome to the Dollhouse reference!!!!!)--especially since I got my hands on this waterbug baby (ps real waterbugs...are gross and why did I feel the need to google them?).  

Granted spring and summer is a time for a more playful color palette, but I mean what can I really say except that I'm pretty sure I've pledged eternal loyalty to the color black bc.... excuse me while I refer to Quinn Morgendorffer:

OH YEAH in rather irrelevant news, I got my hands on the DVD set of the complete Daria series which I'm still pretty excited about, haha.

pc: Roxane Flores

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