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I was finally able to take my little sister out on a long over due date to watch the film that's been inducing the tears of many lately--The Fault in Our Stars. I read the novel awhile back and my little sister had just read it over spring break, so ever since then she's been waiting anxiously for the film release. 
I didn't find myself bawling my eyes out like my sister did, but fret not, I'm not heartless. I teared up here and there, I just know for sure I cried so much more whilst reading the novel. It was really gratifying to finally see one of John Green's novels on the big screen though, I mean, I've been waiting since Looking for Alaska and when neither that and Paper Towns fell through I almost lost all hope in seeing any sort of film translation of any of his novels (btdubs, PT is headed for the big screen zomg zomg).

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