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Lolita's at San Diego

@ Historic Filipinotown

So my last week of winter break was actually spent very productively in presentations to high school students about higher education--and that's because last Fall, I actually had the pleasure to be a High School and Transfer Intern for the Pilipino Academic Student Services(PASS) at UC Berkeley. Truth be told I wanted to be able to document my first outreach experience in more detail but I found myself too easily carried away by what was happening in the moment, that I actually neglected my camera a bit...sigh.

That aside, it's been truly inspiring to present to high school students that making it to a university is definitely possible. There was an entire swirl of ups and downs from car problems to timing logistics and everything in between, but I mean years from now, those problems won't even bother to come up anymore, right? What will come up is probably the trickles of students that we've all inspired to come into college--or wherever it is that they find their personal growth. It's truly been a pleasure and these shots definitely don't do the week any justice, but hey, I think my photography and editing skills are making their way somewhere, haha.

PS- Hashtags and insiders of the week:
  1. #shamufilletsha
  2. #internationalstudentsfromhawaii
  3. chick-fil-a and michael
  4. Timber - Pitbull ft. Ke$ha
  6. #byefelicia
  7. sorry bout it
  8. for the yolo
  9. Long Beach Towne Center three days in a row
  10. pterodactyl after kbbq
  11. Breakfast of Champions @ Guppies

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