outfit of the day: monday whatevers

All good things: my 11 am class is interesting--our professor reminds me of Ellen DeGeneres and lecture is only an hour long, lunch breaks are necessary for sanity, my 1pm class is also interesting--it's the discussion to my lecture and my GSI makes history as just as interesting as the professor. I also found myself in the outskirts of campus with my friend Niko, who is great company all around because I strongly believe we can talk about anything in the world. Also also also the north side of campus is fuckin' beautiful-- I found myself walking in that direction on my way to dinner with Nikki--which really inspired me to do a photoshoot of some sort very soon with Steven. LASTLY, for the time being I cannot study in the deafening silence of a library. Guess it's cafe's and study rooms for me till then.

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