outfit of the day: the trek to the stars

denim flannel: dad's | whatever crop: f21 | velvet skirt: bandy melville | grey knee socks: nordstrom | vans
I made the right choice to wear my Vans sneakers--my legs would have suffered intensely if I opted for my Docs, which despite how comfortable, will only serve as dead weight up the steep trek to the Griffith Observatory. And if you're wondering why I had to take a walk up against the very forces of gravity to make it to the observatory, it's because the parking uphill was all full and we were forced to park downhill. Still, I shouldn't be complaining. The way up was feat filled with the mesmerizing scenery of a smog-swept LA as well as a humbling sense of perspective.

""I'M SIGNIFICANT!" Screamed the dust speck."

the chronicle continues here- adventure time: of telescopes and universes


  1. Adore this outfit, the background is amazing too! <3

    1. thank you! it was quite the hike to get it, but definitely worth it! :)