currently reading: "The Size of Thoughts" by Nicholson Baker

It's awfully not often--but not rare either--to encounter my very being sucked into the realm of books. I've found reading not to be a favorite hobby, but connected somehow, to my very passion of learning and adding on volumes to my hardly filled, more like stained, tabula rasa.

So, when I'm not too busy filling my time by watching Dexter, messing with acrylic paint, eating out my stomach, or just plain out wasting my time by staring into the depths of the space in front of me, I ignite my intellectual stimulation with literature. To be honest though, I've only read so little in my life and aim to read more. I was in a John Green phase, like most gals around my age group probably have, but other than that, I'm really only guilty of reading books with universes listed in my high school teacher's reading lists. And as I've gone on and on, my admiration for writing, for wording, for story-telling has only grown fonder. (And honestly, I've realized that reading stimulates my writing exponentially, which is why I do it. It makes me feel more capable and more in control to manifest just exactly how I think and feel about something. Sub paranthetical-aside:( I'm not coming of as pretentious, am I?))

Anywho, I'm currently reading "The Size of Thoughts: Essays and Other Lumber" by Nicholson Baker, who is a PHENOMENAL writer. I've only really read one essay, "Books as Furniture," and really, his sheer execution of deconstructing something we dismiss daily as insignificant, such as book usage in shopping catalogs, is astounding.

I'm going to be reading this book for awhile. The "one-sitting" routine isn't exactly my style, and besides, in my opinion it's a collection of essays that's meant to be absorbed. I was actually able to get my hands on this book as a collective gift from my three favorite English teacher (who by the way have gloriously expanded my minds, and gave me the gift as an award for observing the phenomena), and I am forever grateful.

I know I haven't read it as far as I should to probably earn some proper rights to write about it, but really, I don't think I have to. If you enjoy any bit of intellectual stimulation just as much as I do, I highly recommend that you check it out. :)

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